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Fnaf freddy is an indie horror mobile game developed by Scott Cawthon with a simple, unique and highly addictive gameplay.

At Fnaf freddy, where players have to act as a night watch, protecting themselves from the lovely but lovable robots during the day but are extremely scary at night. Players will track their movement through the security cameras that are installed in the shop.

Fnaf freddy

At midnight, the behavior of the robots became abnormal and this was noted by the innkeeper that there were some cases where they automatically moved from one place to another. Players will gradually realize the purpose of being hired in Freddie’s Five Nights but still have to bite to do more because the contract signed.

Your job is to balance the amount of power consumed to provide security gates and cameras because every time you switch from one camera to another, you spend a lot of power. So be cautious and minimize the possible moves. Game is not too horror but by the threatening method, Five Nights At Freddy’s certainly not inferior to any top game.