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The story of the FNAF World tells the teddy bear Freddy and friends with a noble mission is to rescue the good is the evil deeds are gradually alienated and transformed. This world was once a paradise but things are changing day by day. And your mission is to save it.


five nights at freddy's

Here are some basic skills in FNAF World for beginners to know:

-Birthday: Increases attack, defense and speed. Very useful in the early stages of the game.

-Waterhose: Immediately kill enemies under 30% of their health.

-Giftboxes: Place a gift at the feet of each teammate, this gift box will automatically revive the dead teammate alive.

-Hot Cheese: Place a piece of hot cheese on the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in a continuous time.

-Unscrew: This skill has a 30% chance of defeating an enemy instantly.

-Esc Key: Skill has a lowering rate for all enemies, but the rate is lower than the Unscrew.

-Mystery Box: Randomly changes all team members to another group.

-Prize Ball: Performs any random attack. Jumpscare: Stuns the enemy for a few seconds, effectively decreasing the boss.

Wishing you always have a great time!